Flow, Microservices and Scale

Recent research summarised in the book Accelerate points to a set of practices that lead to high software development organisation performance. Simultaneously, research from the Santa Fe institute on Complex Adaptive Systems over the last 20 years seems to point to a grand unified theory of organisational design. So have we cracked it? Do we now have the answer to the question: how do we create and scale high performing software and organisations? In his keynote, James explores this research and takes a look at the surprising links between microservices, elephants, Copenhagen and companies.

Thinking about Platforms

There’s been an explosion in the adoption of platforms, and the large silicon valley tech companies have seen significant benefits. But what is a platform really, and how do you successfully implement one?

Drawing on his experience advising clients on platform adoption, James Lewis explores the benefits that platforms can bring, the organizational limitations that make platform adoption attractive, how we currently overcome these limitations, and the paradigm shift in thinking needed to get the most out of them.

I really like this – it explores the disconnect between what I have in my mind when I say Software Platform and what people seem to hear when I say Software Platform. Turns out the two things are usually very different and for a fun reason – we interpret new things through the lens of the old.

From the Bazaar to the Bizarre

Our industry and open source software is moving at an increasingly fast pace; it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep up. This keynote looks back at the birth of opensource and charts a path to where we find ourselves now. In it, we’ll take a look at the history of a number of currently popular technologies including microservices and the explosion in Javascript usage and take a look at what the future may hold.

This is a fun keynote – especially where we play “Science Fact or Science Fiction”…