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Real time web – the push off

I’m participating in a bit of light-hearted fun this evening in the ThoughtWorks London office when we host a geek night with the subject of the real-time web.

There will be two “talks” – though it won’t just be powerpoint, never fear there will be demo’s too.

I’ll mainly be talking about Websockets and the stuff you need to think about when using this technology as well as demoing a performance testing tool that uses a bit of BOSH and a bit of XMPP.

It won’t just be me though, Meinhard Benn, a Strophe committer will be talking / demoing too. Personally that’s the bit I’m excited about.

Sign up at the site above and come along!

Upcoming talk: ‘OMG! Someone broke the Internet!’ – Manchester, May 19th

I’m giving a talk on push-to-the-browser at the Manchester geek night on May the 19th. Not quite sure of the location yet – stay tuned…

WebSockets: OMG! Someone broke the internet!

So we’ve finally worked out how to build massively scalable internet applications. REST and Resource Oriented Architectures are proving hugely successful; but the Internet is changing. WebSockets are a W3C supported protocol that offer developers greater flexibility when implementing the next generation of internet applications. This flexibility doesn’t come without cost. The speaker will explore the practical applications of the WebSocket protocol, it’s limitations and the impact on internet-scale software engineering. This talk is targeted at Developers, Technical Leaders and Architects. There may even be some code.