Agile Brazil and ThoughtWorks, Porto Alegre

I am about to fly home this evening after spending the last week in the ThoughtWorks Brazil office and at Agile Brazil where I was speaking on agile adoption.

Agile Brazil was a great success, and I’d like to offer my thanks and congratulations to the organisers of the event. 800+ folk came to hear locals and some international speakers talk about agile software development. The ThoughtWorks booth was busy the whole time and it’s clear we have a very strong brand here.

It’s been a great trip – spending time with my Brazillian colleagues has been an absolute blast, both old-skool ThoughtWorks folk and the talented and passionate new joiners here.

Highlights include highjacking a big screen in the comp-sci department of the University so that Martin Fowler and I could watch an England game, my first experience of BBQ’d cheese, giving a talk to a room that sits 1200; and meat. So much meat.

Thanks to those that made my stay such a good experience, too many to name but Danilo, Paulo, Carlos V, Phil, Amit, Gary * 2, Greg, Caio, Camila, Pat and Sameer all made me feel very welcome. Special thanks to VerĂ´nica who made sure this gringo wasn’t completely lost when out and about in Porto Alegre.