BCS – SPA talk on Agile Adoption Anti-patterns – March 3rd

I’ve been invited to give my talk on “the stuff I see all the time and wish I didn’t” at the London BCS-SPA meet-up in early March. Description of the talk and details of the venue below.


Title: SPA-237 – Agile Adoption Anti-Patterns
Presenter: James Lewis, ThoughtWorks
Date: Wednesday 3rd March 2010
Time: 18:30
Venue: BCS Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA
Complimentary sandwiches and refreshments are served from 6pm

Attendance is free but you need to register for the event here

Agile Adoption Anti-patterns

This session focuses on the things that you shouldn’t do when trying to introduce Agile practices to an organisation. Maybe you drank the Agile cool-aid and are struggling to introduce Agile on your own or you are an Agile Coach trying to make some sense of the madness that is your current client. There are many more ways for agile adoption to fail than for it to succeed. Drawing on his experience introducing Agile principles and practices in large blue-chip organisations, the speaker will showcase a number of anti-patterns, technological to methodological, that could put your agile rollout at risk.

This talk is an exploration of some of the things that can go wrong when introducing agile to organisations, presented as a series of anti-patterns and smells.

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